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The Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON), has uncovered a four-storeyed building, in Lagos, where expired products are stored for repackaging, and reselling.

The discovery was made by Officials of SON, with the help of tip offs, from members of the public, who had suspected that something unusual was going on in the building. ‘‘We acted on the intelligence we received from well-meaning Nigerians’’, Engr. Bede Obayi, SON Director of Monitoring, and Compliance, disclosed to reporters on the scene.

Various expired products, such as body creams, baby diapers, cosmetics, etc., were reported to have been found on the scene. The perpetrators of this act, operated by getting rid of the labels, which had the expiry dates of the products, and replacing it will freshly printed labels, with new expiry dates. These new labels, were then glued onto the expired products, to make consumers think it was still effective, and had not yet expired.

The Director expressed his dismay, with regards to the situation, saying ‘‘These are baby diapers, which expired since 2015. Imagine the reaction it would give to babies, if used in 2017’’.

Obayi went ahead to point out, that most of the products, were imported, and the importers bought them from overseas, even though they knew they were expired.

His reason for this act, was that they probably knew there was a ready market in Nigeria, which would rapidly patronise the expired products, unknowingly, to them.

The SON Director, also revealed to journalists, present, that the building was disguised in such a way that, no one would quickly know that illegalities, were being performed, inside of it. The clothes on lines, at the balconies of some of the flats, could never easily give the building, and its evil plots, away.

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