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New businesses, which have been freshly founded, and set in operation, are stereotyped to always have unprofitable outcomes. Nonetheless, this is never always the case. Indeed, new businesses can thrive, just as successfully as businesses which have been in existence for a longer period of time, do; such business owners, just have to be aware of factors they could imbibe, to make sure that the business succeeds. Some of these factors, are actually, not far fetched. They include:


If anyone, at all, intends for something, or someone, to be known by others, such a person cannot just sit in their houses, cross their arms, and expect their intentions, and ambition to come to fruition. Something has to be done about it. This ‘something’, being talked about here, is known as publicity, and not just mere publicity, but a well-grounded one. For a newly founded business, well-grounded activities for publicity, must be established. You must go the whole nine yards, to make sure your business is viewed, or talked about, by anyone, and everyone. This means that you must utilize all forms of publicity you could use to showcase your business to the world. To be firmly grounded, if the resources are available, get a public relations officer, to handle the publicity of your business. If not, make sure you do not lazy around, or lag behind, in making use of the various other methods, which can be very beneficial in putting your business out there. Some of these methods are television, and radio adverts, blogs, and websites pop-ups, and posters, or handbills, among others.


There is a popular saying that goes ‘A good team makes the dream work’. Before you can think of growing your company, you have to have thought about the people who would help you achieve this growth. New businesses, must note that it is important to gather the right team of people, to move the business forward. Employing dedicated persons, who do not wait to be told, before they think outside the box, is a sure way of ensuring that the business has a rapid growth.


As a new business owner, you must be ready to adapt to whatever kind of market you find yourself in. All you have to do, is just figure out ways that would make your business thrive, or stand out, among others, in the same market. Be agile, in your approach to change, as this exposes you to various other strategies, to excelling, in your business. Appeal to whatever is trending, or whatever the people love, at any particular time, or age, and fit that into the operation of your business.


In recent times, social media seems to be the order of the day, in Nigeria, alone, over 100 million individuals are users of the internet, and social media, as well. Maximize this opportunity, where there are lots of people, who have access to viewing all about your business, on one social media platform, or more, at the same time. Your business must have a twitter account, Facebook, Instagram, as well as a LinkedIn account. Through these forms of media, you can project your business, more, to the whole world, which eventually, increases the bottom line of your business, as people would start to patronize you, pending on how you entice them, and convince them to do so, through social media.


This includes the customer feedback, as well as how they out rightly show you, in passing, that they feel about patronizing your business. When a customer has a great experience, they would definitely want to come back so many other times, in the future, to do business with you, again. Customers’ perception of your business goes a long way in making, or breaking your business, altogether. Consequently, the customer experiences must be noted, this helps the business owner decipher where the business is lagging, and what areas of the business’ services, customers do not like, or slightly, have a problem with. Learning the customers’ experience, can help fix the problem, or avert that issue, completely. Always respond to the needs of your customers. If customer needs are ignored, the business may never progress, for the simple reason that every business appeals to a certain target of customers, and it is whatever those customers want, the business, must work towards delivering.




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