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Written by  Dorcas Ohimai
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Every organization should have a way of creating good impression in the minds of their customers, In order to maintain and sustain the existing relationship with them. Business owners should be responsible for putting smiles on the faces of their customers because a customer’s smile can attract the attention of his/her friend.

It’s not good enough for organizations or business owners to treat their customers like widgets on an assembly line, by moving them along, take their money then make way for the next one. Once their money is with you, they can go for all you care not minding if they are satisfied or not after all new customers will come. It can be working at the moment but sooner or later, you will need them back and it will take more effort to win their trust back.

Customers have their own expectations. Apart from the products and services you are rendering to them, they want a sense of belonging because they are helping your business grow with their money. They want to have that experience not just to buy and go but to have a reason to come back and patronize you again and even come with their friends because It is a time when customer experience is your best source of competitive differentiation.

Customer experience is how customers perceive their interactions with your company. And it is important to render good services to customer to create good market share, profit and referrer. You can achieve this by showing customers that you care.

When you are building a brand, you should first of all create a belief in the minds of your customers that has lasting value and you should fulfill your promises and even add more packages to give them the satisfaction. It takes lots of efforts to sustain your relationship with your customers and you have to involve every member of your organization from the least person to the managing director.

An expert identified nine simple strategies that can help any company “live happily ever after”.

  • Advertising, marketing, and branding are not the same animals and can’t accomplish the same thing: Both advertising and marketing are mechanisms used to connect customers and businesses. Branding on the other hand is the creation and support of a powerful, unique, emotional experiences. It’s so powerful that the perception or image becomes a belief.
  • Be careful what you promise: when individuals and companies don’t deliver on their brand promises, they fall to create or maintain uniqueness in their brand categories. That translates to lack of brand loyalty among your customers.
  • Separate yourself from the park:  Both you and your employees should be focused on exceeding your customer’s expectations. You can start by getting rid of impersonal customer service techniques.
  • Perspective is everything: To really find out how things are going at your company, you will have to step out of your own shoes and take a walk in those of your customers and employees.
  • You (and your brand) are probably not as great as you think they are: when you think your business is the best, you don’t work hard to keep making it better. Always keep part of your gaze directed outward. And always be ready to reevaluate your brand. Focus not only on what’s working, but look for aspects of your brand that are not succeeding and do everything you can to improve them.
  • Understood your company’s “reach of influence”: You need to focus on actions that show you acknowledge and understand their needs. Doing this will help you create a brand whose promise creates a far-reaching, positive ripple effort in the form of evangelists who are ready to sing your praises near and far.
  • Don’t pretend to be something you are not: Branding is not putting on a persona that you think others will like. You don’t want your customers to feel like they are being “sold” based on a false business persona. Customers who trust a business will keep coming back to that business over and over again.
  • The easy way isn’t always best: Technology has made communications so much easier. But if you are not careful, relying too much on technology will erode your brand. You lose the opportunity to create emotional connections and build your brand.
  • Don’t drive your customers to flawed service:  Appearance without substance. Advertising and driving people to your business, without a powerful brand identity leads to failure.

To keep your promises at all time you must build a powerful emotional brand and start creating relationship with your customers to show them that you truly care. And you are ready to satisfy them not just at a moment but at all time. Once you are able to maintain this stand your customers will be yours for life.

By:Dorcas Ohimai



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