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Written by  CSM
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csm fraser suites csm fraser suites

There is no name or brand that best represents the most anticipated service excellence in hospitality management Nigerians have been yearning for like the amazing “Fraser Suites”. The excitement in the air about the opening of the Giant in service excellence is unprecedented, many Nigerians who love the Fraser Suites Brand are desirous of savoring the great Brand appeal soon to be offered to Nigerians.

The Fraser suites building adds a magnificent color to the Abuja skyline with its unique world wonder architectural design that best describes the quality of work and thought invested into this Brand. The Fraser Suites is strategically located and easily accessible from any part of Abuja. It is the center of excellence in  excitement and hospitality that it’s why it is located at the city center.

I am a true fan of the Fraser Suites Brand and I am glad it will be opening its doors to Nigerians in a few days, certainly its doors being open will deliver service experiences to Nigerians never experienced before. I can categorically tell you that this is the time to taste superior service excellence for every Naira Spent. Certainly, this is the time when Nigerians in Nigeria will experience being lavished and adorned with the purest fragrance of true hospitality love. With the coming of Fraser Suites to Abuja, this is the time to experience true service.

In all my travels, I have always searched and identified with the Fraser Brand, because it offers me the peace of mind required to birth great inspiration needed for excellence. The level of excellence at Fraser Suites, has always made my vacation a memorable one. As a Nigerian, I am glad this grand brand appeal is close at hand. I will always recommend friends and associates to this great brand. I call it My Fraser Suites of Freedom.

The global Brand appeal of Fraser Suites is a testament of their great trust in the delivery of excellent services to customers, first time and all the time. From the security guards all the way to the fragrance sweetened pillow cases and towels, I always enjoyed an excitement that was out of the world. As a business traveler, Fraser Suites remains my top choice for hospitality excellence.

Because of its Brand appeal, Fraser suits is made welcome to many countries and continents  across the globe. I believe Fraser Suites will be the first hospitality industry to make it to Mars. They are truly dependable. From, Asia to Europe, to America and Australia, Fraser Suites is truly empowering.

Finally, Nigerians now have a brand that represents the imagination we wanted from a hotel Brand. When ever I  travel, I always search for the Fraser Suites Brand, because they certainly understand the needs of their customers.

The gourmet meals, the services, the music, the rooms, the ambiance, the processes, the appearances of staff, the courteous responses from staff, the welcomes and the goodbyes are all given a touch of royalty which makes you to eternally reminisce the experience.

With Fraser Suits, my search for excellence and superior service experience has been worthwhile. To have them close to me in Abuja, is the most exciting news that keeps me excited. This is the story of one who has experienced different hotel brands, but no one comes close to Fraser Suites. Fraser Suites is the only Hospitality industry that makes you an instant Ambassador.

Because I am proud of the services of Fraser Suites, I am sited outside the gate of the yet to be opened Brand, gazing at its magnificent structure and putting down these candid thoughts. I can’t wait for the Brand to open its doors for me to savor the great aroma and fragrance of freedom that is only synonymous with the Fraser Suites Brand. Thank you Fraser Suites for Coming to Abuja. My family, friends and associates now have a place to call home. 

Written by: Chukwuemeka Amoji Okoro.

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