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When delivering superlative experiences to customers becomes the hall mark of an organization, you can best be rest assured that they will deliver on their promises. In less than five years of doing good business, AEDC has proven to numerous customers that it is possible for an organization to have a human face in service delivery.

AEDC is truly a customer centric organization in definition and in operation. It’s not just the ambiance of their experience centers that gets customers excited, but the very nature of how they have transformed the electricity business to empower consumers is so wonderful.

Before the coming of AEDC, consumers were subjected to unpalatable services. In the past, services were very rigid, systems were chaotic, in truth consumers had no choice. Consumers eagerly expected value for money expended in the past, but it wasn’t delivered to them. In the past, consumers will queue for hours just to pay bills and to be attended to by rude staff.

Today the beautiful vision of AEDC is clear for all to see. With customer service experience high on their priority, AEDC has not only established customer experience centers close to customers, they have established efficient call centers that responds immediately to customer issues.

With AEDC, customers can now pay for electricity services within the comfort of their homes and offices using online platform’s. Truth is, AEDC puts more money into the pockets of its consumers by reducing huge  transportation cost of customers rushing to their offices to make bill payments. With the online platforms established by AEDC, queue management has been efficiently managed. With the effective and efficient ways business is been handled by AEDC, you can clearly state that they have the right individuals championing their vision. I salute the gallant staff of AEDC.

AEDC has not only changed the face of service delivery in the electricity sector, it has given voice and power to consumers. For the first time, Nigerians and residents in Abuja,Niger, Nasarawa and Kogi can categorically state how they want to be attended to by AEDC.

Also, for the first time a consumer centric forum has been set up by AEDC for interaction with customers. This forum has served as a worthwhile feedback mechanism for AEDC. Customers feel empowered with this consumer centric forum, because AEDC always delivers on its promises to consumers.

In the month of February, I investigated a case of residents at Trade More Estate Lugbe, who demanded that AEDC supply’s them with meters, I was surprised that the wishes of the customers were granted in less than two months. The meters were installed for free. AEDC set up a customer office within the estate to assist customers with whatever electrical issues they may have. This is an amazing customer service experience. Over one thousand meters were supplied in record time. Also, customers were given 41units of free electricity power.

Truly, AEDC is an epitome of unrivalled service excellence. They have become the Darling of residents in Abuja. The smart Tech’s of AEDC are always ready to serve. Truthfully, light has been wonderfully constant in my area. Even in my office, the wonderful presence of AEDC can be felt. This is what true service should be about. True service should be about empowering consumers, and AEDC has been excellent.

I wish consumers will comply with this great services being offered. I kindly want to urge fellow consumers to stop engaging dubious electricians who bye cut, manipulate and tamper with AEDC installed meters. Cheating AEDC is only rubbing ourselves of quality services. Let’s work harmoniously with the staff. Let’s cooperate with the staff. . As consumers, AEDC has made us stakeholders in this great vision.

AEDC is indeed superb in its operations. I know in the coming years, many consumers like myself will become great ambassadors of AEDC. I am proud of the smart and the great vision they represent at AEDC. As a consumer, I pledge my support to make AEDC. I am a happy customer. I pay my bills, and I do all that is right for the success of AEDC.

AEDC keep up the good works, you will certainly overcome the challenges you currently handle in your desire to offer excellence to all consumers in Abuja, Niger, Nasarawa and Kogi state. Kudos to a great team that believes in empowering consumers. 

written by: Chukwuemeka Amoji okoro

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