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Today’s consumers have more decision making power than consumers in the last 5000 years summed up. Advancements in technology have aided the way consumers think, interact and purchase products. With vital information at the fingertips of today’s consumer, product verification is carried out at an instant click of a button. The growing social media community across the world has equally enhanced how consumers discuss about products that matter to them. Consumers review product experiences on social media and this has influenced consumer buying decisions of many consumers today.

With the ongoing level of social media interaction currently on display today, it takes less than an hour for the news of a fake product to be circulated globally. This is due to the interconnectedness of today’s consumers. Businesses that fail to have a robust social media presence used to monitor consumer interactions as efficient feed back mechanisms are only setting themselves up for extinction.  Consumers reviews on certain products is determining consumers purchasing decision across the world.

In years to come, consumers will form a greater bond amongst themselves as a shield against dubious business organizations. Through this unified consumer bonds, good products will be separated from bad products. Consumers will not rely on adverts to determine which products to purchase. Consumers will not rely on magazines to determine which products to purchase. Consumers will heavily rely on product usage experiences of other consumers in order to make buying decisions. The power will absolutely be domiciled in the domain of consumers in the near future.

In order to stay compliant with this growing web of consumer consciousness, businesses must set themselves up to be omnipresent in interacting and managing consumer Feedback’s. The future consumer will place more emphasis on company’s that respond fastest to their needs. Within this era of the greater consumer bond, businesses will have no choice but to efficiently take their social media channels seriously. Being savvy for consumer data and feed back will become a prevalent occurrence in this era of greater consumer bond cum awareness.

To stay successful, business will have to invest into processes that deliver instant results and desired value through out the value chain of the given company. Business owners will have to focus their energy into positively transcending the quality of their products and services experiences to consumers.

Consumers do not care about the rate of disruption that takes place in the market. In fact, so many consumers do not even know what business disruption is all about. All consumers care about is the quality of the product and the experience they receive. In the future, the customers journey map will have to be taken seriously if customer loyalty is to be attained.

If businesses will want to maintain pace with the growing consumer bond and have their products in high demand, businesses must be ready to consistently position themselves to rapidly deconstruct and reconstruct themselves at an unprecedented cycle time in order to sustain the experience to customers.

Businesses must take every consumer concern and enquiry seriously as every consumer concern is a vibration that could be instantly picked and spread by other consumers. Organisations must improve the level of their engagements with consumers. Businesses have a duty to design consumer journey maps that deliver superlative experiences to consumers.

In few years from now, companies will be differentiated between their ability to sustain all round consumer desired experiences. If there are new products, inform a consumer focus group. Before any product launch, always create a consumer focus group and consistently interact with them before a product is pushed into the market.

If you notice any product defects, while you try to resolve it internally, instantly inform consumers about the defect. If there is going to be a product recall, instantly do it and compensate consumers. Gear up your business to consistently offer an environment that inspires consumers to interact with your brand.

Being consumer centric is the new inevitable! Business excellence will always remain a going concern. Deconstruct ailing service experience channels and reconstruct faster than the competition. Remember, built to last is an obsolete idea.  

Written by:  Chukwuemeka Okoro

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