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Aliyu Ilias

Aliyu Ilias

Thursday, 09 November 2017 08:33

Recession enhanced customer service in Nigeria

Mr Aliyu Ilias, the Chief Executive Director, Customer Service Award Ltd (CSAL), says one of the gains of recession is improved service delivery from both public and private sector.

Ilias said this at the 2017 Customer Experience Management Conference in Abuja.

He said that the recession had caused improved customers service delivery as a result of competitions from service providers both public and private sector.

He said that the recession had made money to be scare and people had to prioritize their needs hence the competition by service providers to woo customers.

“When some people have little money because of recession they tend to maximise their spending.

“This recession has made a lot of companies to adjust and attend to customers’ needs so they are now looking at service delivery from customers’ perspective,’’ he said.

Ilias said that business could now thrive on the basis of customer experience, stressing that the gap between customer experience and price was becoming much closer.

According to him, over time customers satisfaction will surpass the price tag and they will purchase goods because of the satisfaction they derive.


AIRTEL emerged the best customer service company in telecoms industry at the 2017 Nigeria customer service awards,Nigeria Joins the rest of the world to mark and celebrate excellent customer service, Abuja played host to a plethora of professionals in various sectors of service at the 2017 Nigerian Customer Experience Management Conference which was the fifth edition.
Nigeria Customer service Awards (NCSA) is a strategic move to applaud companies who have been dogged in proffering excellent service in their various sectors to Nigerians. ‎
This is been done by extensive research(Mystery shopping) which the touch point includes - Company service or product process,Staff attitude,Ambiance,Turn around time,product and services knowledge.,the research research covers five region and the report was presented to the winners to see where they perform better and where they also need to worked on, bellow is the winners list:
Zenith Bank - Best in Banking and Finance

Total Nigeria - Best in Oil and Gas 

DHL - Best in Courier service

Wakanow - Travel and Tour

Berger paint - Best in painting product and services

Airtel - Best in Telecoms

Halogen security - Best in security services 

Stanbic Ibtc pension - Best in Pension Fund administrator

Leadway Assurance - Best in Insurance services

Dana air - Best in Local Airline Services

VFS global - Best in Visa Processing

Peoples TV - Most promising Television station - Best in E-commerce

FBN Mortgage - Best in Mortgage Bank

Sifax - Best in Logistics Service

HealthPlus - Best in Pharmaceutical Store‎

The Conference was themed: Customer Experience Management in Nigeria. It had as key speakers Chiamaka Ugo-Obidike, Miriam Jackson-Alero, Ijeoma Okeke Victor Oshadare and Aliyu ilias as they emphasized on the importance of customer journey mapping and touchpoint,customer engagement, the 21st century Contact centres and the use of data in promoting customer experience and loyalty to Service providers.
Customer experience management expert and convener of the Customer Experience  Management Conference Dr. Aliyu Ilias opines that excellent service does not happen by chance. It is however, a result of an organisation’s deliberate and strategic design.
Kelechi Erondu and  kelechi Emmanuel okeke Were awarded as the 2017/2018  Nigeria customer service Ambassadors for their immense role in promoting customer service and consumer rights in their communities,the 2018 edition is scheduled to hold on the 4th of October in Lagos, Nigeria

 In commemoration of the customer service week, the Nigeria Customer service Award Limited, NCSA has urged all stakeholders, governmental and non-governmental agencies operating in the country to appreciate their customers by providing them with warm confrontation, appreciations, and food delights during the week. The customer service week which begins today till Friday 6th October 2017, has the theme: "Building Trust". Giving an insight on the above theme, Aliyu ilias explained that despite the challenges faced with building trust, with enormous hard work it's much achievable. The Customer service award limited also noted that representatives who are involve in customer service has suffered a lot of customers abuse, psychological abuses, physical abuse, thus needed to be appreciated too. "The customer needs to be appreciated for doing business with you, organization should try provide candies, cake and delights to customers across the country, as a mean of appreciating them. "As we all know that Building trust takes time and a lot of hard work, but it is doable" NCSA explained. Meanwhile, the customer service week was approved by the United State congress in 1992 and it was predicated to celebrate, appreciate, motivate, boost the morale of the customer service representative and reward them.

The Nigeria Customer Experience Management Conference 2017 is the biggest forum to share professional standards and trends in customer service delivery and customer experience management. Over 100 industry leading brands will gather to share knowledge and demonstrate the latest practices revolutionizing social and Omni-channel customer service strategies.

The conference draws together a great number of service professionals, practitioners, managers and business leaders together to learn from examples of international service excellence and best practices. Topics to be covered at the event include –

  • The Move from Customer Service to Customer Experience
  • The Customer Journeys
  • Touchpoint Management
  • Big Data and Customer Experience
  • 21st Century Contact Centre

6 Reasons You Should Attend NCXconference In Abuja This October

As a customer experience professional, there are so many ways you can learn and improve your skills online; you can read blogs, listen to podcasts, watch videos on YouTube, and even attend webinars. Why bother going through the effort of attending the NCXconference? Here are 5 reasons why

#1. Gain New Ideas & Insights
No matter how experienced you are at your business, there will always be new things you should learn. At the NCXconference, you will be exposed to new ideas and approaches that impact positively on your career as a customer service & experience professional. You gain insights on valuable strategies that enable you to become more creative and effective at work.

#2. Meet Experts & Influencers
Your chances of meeting your career or industry idols are greatly improved if you are sharing the same space with them. CX managers & decision makers for a lot of Nigerian brands will be at the event, this creates a good opportunity to take selfies, share ideas or find your next mentor

#3. Networking Opportunities
If you believe avoiding industry peers to prevent them from discovering your competitive advantage is the safer, think again! You are limiting your career success instead. By networking with peers, you will meet people who can help you other uncover ideas, spark inspiration, or refer you to your next job. The NCXconference provides a great opportunity for customer experience professionals to network.

#4. Meet Like-minded People
You will meet other professionals who are willing to take time away from the office to learn new things and share ideas. You will end up building valuable relationships with peers in the industry which can open even more doors for your career

#5. Invest In Yourself
Attending the NCXconference is an investment in yourself, your career & organization. When you register for the conference and make the effort to attend, you are demonstrating that you believe you are worth the investment, that you still have things to learn, and that you can get better. Celebrate the customer service week

#6. Celebrate The Customer Service Week
Why not end the customer service week by gaining new knowledge and meeting other professionals at the NCXconference?  If you’re the boss, allowing your employees to attend the conference to gain new skills and bring fresh ideas back to the business is not just an investment in your company, but also a great way to celebrate the customer service week!


customer service awards limited urge organisation to meet up with the trends in customer service, a  customer experience management expert, Aliyu Ilias, who gave this charge at a breakfast meeting with customer service heads organized by the NCSA in Abuja, noted that within the period of eight to nine years, prices won’t continually determine a customer’s vulnerability, but rather a customer’s experience.

Speaking on the theme: "Trends in Customer Service," Ilias emphasized that aside the development of an avenue for a customer experience in an organization, proper good and services delivery also brings about enormous profit in a short run.

“Advertisement, location, payment method, price and most importantly customer experiences are the major reasons a customer will repeat or purchase a good at the same company in Nigeria. Every organization should strive to become the trend leader, by making inquiries, giving a listening ear to them, and majorly by designing an experience for them.

“Today, 88% of all businesses believe that they deliver excellent customer experience, but unfortunately going by our conducted research, only 8% of their customers believe the same thing. Amid all these rapid changes, the fundamental of great service remain the feeling of making a customer being recognized”, he said.

Giving recommendations on how organization can create experience for their customers, Ilias disclosed that spending on mobile ads, serving on social media, getting on YouTube, taking control of crowd sourced reviews, recommendations and creating of self-help platforms can help promote and boost a customer’s confidence.

Other recommendations he gave include: Trump sense over price, making sense of big data usage, visual reality, joining the smartphone fuelled rush of delivery innovations, instant chat and getting use to millennial customers among others.

In his presentation, the Managing Director, BetterWays International, Victor Oshadare, explained that customer experience is the planning and execution of strategy to develop, attract, retain and delight customers continuously and sustainably.

Reiterating the need for a customer experience, Oshadare noted that critical issues in customer services is the ability and capacity of an organization to identify the needs and potential needs of its customers and meeting those needs.

“The ownership and leadership of an organization might change but if there is a customer services culture (survival, stability, sustainability, structures, and system), a customer experience will give a fortune of all time. A good structure promotes experience, every organization should be ready of disruptive innovations, and take advantages of every opportunity of promoting faster” Oshadare said.

Nigeria's Customer Services Awards 2017 Management Conference would be coming up on October 5th 2017 (Customer Service Week) in Abuja. The Conference will give an in-depth look into the main drivers and challenges faced by brands and retailers when it comes to customer experience.

According to Aliyu Ilias, the coordinator of the conference would be featuring on how companies and organizations can respond to voice of customers effectively, big data in customer service and alternative channels, experience management strategy, understanding customer behaviour and interactive discussions.

He further noted that the case study of the event includes the transforming from customer service management to customer experience management and the designing and implementing of an effective customer experience strategy.


The Breakfast Meeting held, 17th August, 2017 at 805 Restaurant and Bar, Wuse II, Abuja brought together Customer service Heads from different organization,the theme focuses on the trends in customer service.

The Nigeria Customer Service Awards Limited is an organization that helps companies and organisations to listen to the voices of their customers by conducting an independent assessment research on the quality of service offered to customers by companies, process assessment and analytics.

 The breakfast meeting which was organised by Nigeria Customer Service Awards, was themed TRENDS IN CUSTOMER SERVICE and its focus is to bring together customer service heads to discussed the challenges from various organisation and deal with the current trends as well as to know the way forward in customer service and discuss it at the forth coming conference which is said to hold on the 5th of October 2017. This was disclosed by Dr. Aliyu Ilias from Customer Service Awards Limited.

The guest speakers of the Event was Dr. Aliyu Ilias: Customer Experience Management Expert, Mariam Jackson Alero: Customer Service manager  total Nigeria and Dr. Victor Oshadare: Managing Director of Better Ways International.

Dr. Victor Oshadare urges organisations private and government sector to register for the 2017 Customer Experience Management Conference which is coming up on the 5th of October 2017 during the international Customer Service week.

The state of road transportation in Nigeria is far from delivering the needed experience desired by commuters. It suffices to state that taxi services in Nigeria has failed to impress commuters over the years despite the growing demand for improved services. The present state of taxi and public road transportation system in Nigeria depicts the lack of creativity by those saddled with the responsibility of managing the sector. Vast majority of Nigerians rely on road transport services, yet the experience delivered to citizens is nothing near excellence.

Across the world, especially in developed economies, the taxi service plays a major role in delivering superb experiences to consumers as well aid in advancing the tourist potential of that economy. The state of professionalism deployed into road transport management in developed economies not only ensures safety for commuters, it has aided in the innovation of the sector.

In Nigeria, the challenges commuter’s face in the hands of taxi drivers are simply agonizing thus making taxi services very poor. The absence of an acceptable standard has led to the poor services experienced. So many of the public transport or taxi drivers are very rude and lack the courtesy needed to be engaged in the business.

There have been numerous cases of commuters who have been victims of armed robbery, rape and murder committed by taxi drivers. The phobia for taxi services in Nigeria is very high. Very few Nigerians can boast of over 20% confidence in the taxi services on offer.

In order for there to be safety in the taxi business, standards would have to be established that will guide the operations of taxi drivers. Commuters do not deserve to be cramped into vehicles like baked beans is packed into a container. There should be a standard for who should be a taxi driver and what trainings they have to undergo, the type of vehicle to be used as well as the routes to ply.

Taxi drivers need to be adequately trained to offer efficient services to commuters. The rate at which unregistered individuals per take in the taxi business only posses a threat to commuters safety. Just like every consumer product ought to be certified safe, every taxi must be certified safe before any commuter boards it.

Every taxi should have a registered and verifiable car number, car color and the driver should have an ID card that matches his or her face. The face of the driver behind the wheels should match the face on the central data base. Commuters are free to ask questions before boarding. It is economically beneficial when taxi service standards are made available within a society. Before an individual is offered a taxi license, there should be series of investigations and trainings the individual should be subjected to.

The population of Nigerians in need of excellent road transportation services exposes the gap in the taxi industry. Getting it right will demand a laid down road map that is flexible. The standard procedure in the taxi sector should be one that sets the standards for operation. Within the set standards, certain taxi companies should be allowed to bid for the processes to offer efficient taxi services. These companies will be subjected to recruit and train only eligible candidates for the job.

Government should set up a standards board that will consistently be charged to ensure conformity with approved standard expectations. From a random interview we carried out, 100 passengers were interviewed in order to measure commuter’s confidence in taxi service safety. It will surprise you to note that 74% admitted they felt unsafe boarding taxis in Nigeria largely because of insecurity and the discomfort. To mitigate against the negative fears of consumers, government needs to reform the transport and taxi service sector. There is no doubt that excellence in taxi service delivery is a necessity and a measure of a nation’s capacity to purposefully evolve its developmental processes and experience.

Science and technology is advancing consumer’s use of taxi services. All states of the federation should have a central data base in which commuters can verify taxi drivers. A mobile app should be made available for the management of taxi services.  Nigeria deserves to offer better taxi services to all consumers in Nigeria. The taxi service is a source for national tourism in Nigeria. Let’s make our taxi service worthwhile.   

Chukwuemeka Amoji Okoro

The Nigeria customer service awards limited is hosting customer service heads from different sector on 17th August 2017. This was contained in a press release by NCSA.

According to Aliyu Ilias, information are mostly digested by customer hook, line and sinker, this is the reason company need to work on their service delivery and communicate it effectively.

There is a disruption in every sector of the economy this also affect the customer perception about businesses. Every organization must move on with the current omni-channel approach to customer service. The meeting is opened to customer service heads, Customer service directors, customer service representatives, marketing executive and business owners. The topic of the breakfast meeting is “TRENDS IN CUSTOMER SERVICE”

The focus of the meeting is to also inform the customer service executives about the upcoming 2017 customer experience management conference schedule to hold on 5th October 2017 during the international customer service week, the conference will hold at Reiz Continent Hotel Abuja.  

The breakfast meeting which was last held in Lagos is in its second and forthcoming edition. It is open to the public and is completely free of charge to attend. 

When delivering superlative experiences to customers becomes the hall mark of an organization, you can best be rest assured that they will deliver on their promises. In less than five years of doing good business, AEDC has proven to numerous customers that it is possible for an organization to have a human face in service delivery.

AEDC is truly a customer centric organization in definition and in operation. It’s not just the ambiance of their experience centers that gets customers excited, but the very nature of how they have transformed the electricity business to empower consumers is so wonderful.

Before the coming of AEDC, consumers were subjected to unpalatable services. In the past, services were very rigid, systems were chaotic, in truth consumers had no choice. Consumers eagerly expected value for money expended in the past, but it wasn’t delivered to them. In the past, consumers will queue for hours just to pay bills and to be attended to by rude staff.

Today the beautiful vision of AEDC is clear for all to see. With customer service experience high on their priority, AEDC has not only established customer experience centers close to customers, they have established efficient call centers that responds immediately to customer issues.

With AEDC, customers can now pay for electricity services within the comfort of their homes and offices using online platform’s. Truth is, AEDC puts more money into the pockets of its consumers by reducing huge  transportation cost of customers rushing to their offices to make bill payments. With the online platforms established by AEDC, queue management has been efficiently managed. With the effective and efficient ways business is been handled by AEDC, you can clearly state that they have the right individuals championing their vision. I salute the gallant staff of AEDC.

AEDC has not only changed the face of service delivery in the electricity sector, it has given voice and power to consumers. For the first time, Nigerians and residents in Abuja,Niger, Nasarawa and Kogi can categorically state how they want to be attended to by AEDC.

Also, for the first time a consumer centric forum has been set up by AEDC for interaction with customers. This forum has served as a worthwhile feedback mechanism for AEDC. Customers feel empowered with this consumer centric forum, because AEDC always delivers on its promises to consumers.

In the month of February, I investigated a case of residents at Trade More Estate Lugbe, who demanded that AEDC supply’s them with meters, I was surprised that the wishes of the customers were granted in less than two months. The meters were installed for free. AEDC set up a customer office within the estate to assist customers with whatever electrical issues they may have. This is an amazing customer service experience. Over one thousand meters were supplied in record time. Also, customers were given 41units of free electricity power.

Truly, AEDC is an epitome of unrivalled service excellence. They have become the Darling of residents in Abuja. The smart Tech’s of AEDC are always ready to serve. Truthfully, light has been wonderfully constant in my area. Even in my office, the wonderful presence of AEDC can be felt. This is what true service should be about. True service should be about empowering consumers, and AEDC has been excellent.

I wish consumers will comply with this great services being offered. I kindly want to urge fellow consumers to stop engaging dubious electricians who bye cut, manipulate and tamper with AEDC installed meters. Cheating AEDC is only rubbing ourselves of quality services. Let’s work harmoniously with the staff. Let’s cooperate with the staff. . As consumers, AEDC has made us stakeholders in this great vision.

AEDC is indeed superb in its operations. I know in the coming years, many consumers like myself will become great ambassadors of AEDC. I am proud of the smart and the great vision they represent at AEDC. As a consumer, I pledge my support to make AEDC. I am a happy customer. I pay my bills, and I do all that is right for the success of AEDC.

AEDC keep up the good works, you will certainly overcome the challenges you currently handle in your desire to offer excellence to all consumers in Abuja, Niger, Nasarawa and Kogi state. Kudos to a great team that believes in empowering consumers. 

written by: Chukwuemeka Amoji okoro

Tuesday, 06 June 2017 11:19



Customer service has been defined in many ways by many people but essentially it is the provision of professional , helpful, high quality, services and assistance to customers before, during and after a purchase.  Customer support on the other hand involves a range of customer services aimed at assisting the customer in making smarter decisions like, what and how to buy, the effective use of a product, , installation guide, planning, maintain ante, troubleshooting and disposal of the product. When these support services are carried out at the customers end , where he/she uses the product or service it is called "at home customer support" . Technical support involves the provision of support with respect to technology products such as mobile phones, television, computers, software products, or other electronic or mechanical goods. 

Customer service is provided in different ways to customers but three broad channels stand out, they are:

1. By person. This employs the use of people to carry out specific duties aimed at customer service. Example the customer service rep you see in the bank, the sales rep of an organization. Organizations that care about their brand and its perception put in a lot of resources  into training their customer service representatives. Though costly, it brings great rewards for the organizations. 

 2. Automated means. The automated means of customer service increases an organizations ability to provide service 24 - hours a day which compliments customer service by person. Examples include Internet sites and touch-tone phones. With this method, customer service Reps are able to meet the needs of an increased number of customers. 

 3. Artificial means. Customer service provided by artificial means are done through the use of automated online assistants that can be seen as Avatars on websites. This method is effective in reducing the operating and training costs of organizations but it lacks the personal experience of deal with a real person. Automated online assistants are are driven by chatterbots and a technology that runs natural language processing. 

So now, you know the three means of providing customer service. Have you been served through  any of these means?  Or through all of them? What  means of providing customer service do you prefer the most? 

Written by: Lazine Ezinne. (Financial Services expert)

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