10 Reason You Must Attend the 2020 Supply Chain Mgt Conference, Abuja. #7 Will blow Your Mind

#1 Job Opportunities

At the last conference, I intentionally announced that we have some of us who are seeking for Job, perhaps some want to change their job, kindly assist if you see any opportunity. It became interactive in the hall and someone said my office will be placing an advert for a supply chain and logistics officer, I will share it he said. and immediately it was released I share it accordingly. and some of our members here remains the testimony, I am sure they understand this better.

#2. Certificate & Categories Upgrading.

It is that period you need to upgrade your membership.
Yes, you are due for upgrading. you have the cognate experience now. you need to move from Associate member to full-member, from full-member to fellow-member.
Do you have 2, 5 or 10 years experience respectively. Change that status now.
Waiting for your call.

#3 Volunteer – Staff

I received a call from one of us, he said, we are taking volunteers in my office kindly let me know if we have members that are willing to engage in such, I told him that in this our sector volunteer remain one of the best ways to secure a job, let me inform our people that are not engaged yet. The number of people that are willing is 3 while the opportunity is two. Having helped the two people, he said if the third person doesn’t mind Maiduguri. the person gladly takes it. Now he is a permanent staff.

#4 Trends-in-supply Chain

According to the English Metaphysical Poet, John Donne ‘No man is an Island’ This expresses the idea that human beings do badly when isolated from others and need to be part of a community to thrive. Things are changing every day and that informs the theme for this year conference ‘’Adapting to the shift in Supply Chain Management: Nigeria Perspective’’ you need to be informed on the contemporary way of solving supply chain problems.

#5 Supply Chain Community

The need for you to be among your people cannot be overemphasised, a member called that they immediately need an independent supply chain expert who has the cognate experience to defend and solve some immediate problems with the possibility of representing an international company in Nigeria, I told him most of our people contract with NGO has expired they are available. We do not have a choice than to immediately engage a member in our community who understand the pre-requisite language like you.

#6 Yearly compendium of Supply chain

Show your face, don’t be left out, make sure your name or company name appear in the yearly book. it is not enough to have the certification without identity with your people, we all need each other to achieve our aim and objectives in life.
Our members span from leading NGO’s globally such as USAID, WFP, MSH, UNICEF etc, Government Agencies BPP, PPPRA,SGF,NNPC,NCC,NESREA etc, leading private companies Dangote,GLO,BUA,Eaglenets,Pethan etc.

#7 Gift for you

You must have read 1-6, I am sure you will complete the remaining three before providing solutions. There is always a reason to provide a solution as a professional, join us to provide a solution to the following problems, the best solution gets a reward at the conference. See the link to the question https://forms.gle/LpyEoAXSpwkEdABC9

#8 Presentation

There is always an opportunity for you to present a paper at the yearly conference, what are you presenting this year? A paper presentation plays a key role in your professional life. You can always create an impact in the field of supply chain management. Identify an area and share the objective with the conference organiser and present it on the D-day.

The conference holds on 5th December .
Register for the conference: https://forms.gle/7QvKYHpDfzLdfrRP7

#9 Networking

You must continue to deepen your existence in business and professional relationship and forge new contacts regularly, the networking is usually not restricted to the exchange of cards, but professional discussion and sharing of ideas and opportunities

#10 Continuous learning and certification

At every conference or seminar, you get to learn new things and get certificated, no matter how sound we are we need to show we have gone through more learning and we have a certificate to show for it. Just like food nourishes our bodies, information and continued learning nourishes our minds. Lifelong learning is an indispensable tool for every career and organisation

Aliyu ilias

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