he Nigeria Customer Experience Management Conference 2017 is the biggest forum to share professional standards and trends in customer service delivery and customer experience management. Over 100 industry leading brands will gather to share knowledge and demonstrate the latest practices revolutionizing social and Omni-channel customer service strategies.

The conference draws together a great number of service professionals, practitioners, managers and business leaders together to learn from examples of international service excellence and best practices. Topics to be covered at the event include ;

  • The Move from Customer Service to Customer Experience
  • The Customer Journeys
  • Touchpoint Management
  • Big Data and Customer Experience
  • 21st Century Contact Centre

6 Reasons You Should Attend NCXconference In Abuja This October

As a customer experience professional, there are so many ways you can learn and improve your skills online; you can read blogs, listen to podcasts, watch videos on YouTube, and even attend webinars. Why bother going through the effort of attending the NCXconference? Here are 5 reasons why

#1. Gain New Ideas & Insights
No matter how experienced you are at your business, there will always be new things you should learn. At the NCXconference, you will be exposed to new ideas and approaches that impact positively on your career as a customer service & experience professional. You gain insights on valuable strategies that enable you to become more creative and effective at work.

#2. Meet Experts & Influencers
Your chances of meeting your career or industry idols are greatly improved if you are sharing the same space with them. CX managers & decision makers for a lot of Nigerian brands will be at the event, this creates a good opportunity to take selfies, share ideas or find your next mentor

#3. Networking Opportunities
If you believe avoiding industry peers to prevent them from discovering your competitive advantage is the safer, think again! You are limiting your career success instead. By networking with peers, you will meet people who can help you other uncover ideas, spark inspiration, or refer you to your next job. The NCXconference provides a great opportunity for customer experience professionals to network.

#4. Meet Like-minded People
You will meet other professionals who are willing to take time away from the office to learn new things and share ideas. You will end up building valuable relationships with peers in the industry which can open even more doors for your career

#5. Invest In Yourself
Attending the NCXconference is an investment in yourself, your career & organization. When you register for the conference and make the effort to attend, you are demonstrating that you believe you are worth the investment, that you still have things to learn, and that you can get better. Celebrate the customer service week

#6. Celebrate The Customer Service Week
Why not end the customer service week by gaining new knowledge and meeting other professionals at the NCXconference? If you are the boss, allowing your employees to attend the conference to gain new skills and bring fresh ideas back to the business is not just an investment in your company, but also a great way to celebrate the customer service week!

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