The chartered institute of logistics and supply chain management in partnership with milat business school is set to have the first supply chain management conference in Nigeria, this would bring together experts from the field of supply chain management to discuss their common challenges and focus on a brighter supply chain process, the conference would bring together professionals from organized private sectors, government agencies and the non-governmental organisation both local and international. These experts are from the fields of logistics, procurement, transportation, material management, manufacturing, purchasing and supply, customer service and other chains of activities that need logistic, the event is scheduled to hold on the first of December 2018, at the National merit house Maitama Abuja.

The theme for the conference is enhancing supply chain strategies for sustainable development in Nigeria, there would be a panel discussion on the government and private process of procurement in Nigeria. Lifecycle value, demand forecasting and digital planning would part of the discussion

There would be seasonal academic and professional to discuss all the areas of supply chain, among the speaker, are Dr. Innocent M. Maduekwe of the University of Abuja, Aliyu ilias and Umar Ali the Northern logistics coordinator of lacasera.

Supply chain managers must create and maintain efficient and effective supply chain methods to keep their company and customers happy. Each and every decision a supply chain manager makes affects the bottom line, customer service, cost, risks, and relationships, so it is imperative that supply chain managers are up to date with the latest best practices and tools available to manage the supply chain as successfully as possible

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