Save the consumers Initiative wishes to notify and invite the general public to the 2019 consumer Protection conference theme: “Consumer Education As Way Forward to Consumer Protection” The consumer protection
conference aims to protect consumers from overreaching, deceptive, abusive, or fundamentally unfair practices by businesses. Without this kind of knowledge sharing gathering, consumers would quickly fall prey to
the manipulative and aggressive practices of businesses seeking to increase profit and ease of doing business.
Consumers are cheated in the market because they do not get proper “consumer education” Almost All of us use a variety of products every day. A few of these products can be made at home, while for others, we have to
go to the market and buy them from the shops. Even for the ones that we make at home, we need raw materials which we buy from the market. What has been your experience while shopping? Have you always found goods as per your requirement? Have you been totally satisfied with your purchases? Do advertisements and salespersons always give you correct and complete information about the products you want to buy? Nigeria is one country where a lot of people are ignorant and ill-informed about their rights as the consumers they rely on the information and guidance provided to them by the manufacturers and shopkeepers.
A number of these manufacturers and shopkeepers want to make quick and easy money even if it means at the cost of the health and safety of innocent people. Under such circumstances, how can we make a satisfying purchase without being cheated? How do we get the best return for our money?
There will be an opportunity to volunteer at the upcoming conference. The volunteers will responsible for a different task assign to them and will be issued a certificate of participation.
This conference will bring together consumers and stakeholders and service providers closer and give them the opportunity to shed more light on the areas of contradiction also to bring the consumers up-to-date by providing
an overview of the latest policy developments, initiatives and case studies in this field. It also targeted at regulatory bodies of various government agencies, i.e. the consumer protection and other stakeholders.
The conference would hold on 14th March 2019 by 9:00 Am at the National Merit House, 22 Aguinyi Ironsi, Maitama Abuja. the theme Consumer  Education as a way forward to consumer protection.
For further inquiries please contact us at 09-2903442, 08052205072, 08038292786 or info@savetheconsumers.org

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