Aliyu ilias Applauds CPC Patient Bill of Rights PBoR

The executive director save the consumers initiative and his team attended the consumer protection council presentation of the patients bill of right led by Bar. Babatunde Irukera .The bill was launched by the vice president of Nigeria Professor Yemi Osinbajo.

The patients bill of right is the aggregation of patients right that exists in the Nigeria constitution, consumer protection act, freedom of information act, National health act, the Hippocratic Oath and other professional ethical codes and sundry regulations.

Save the consumers applauds all the rights of consumers such as the right to information and access to information, right to confidentiality, right to quality health care. right to visitation, right to complain, right to the refusal of care, The Access to emergency care is very important to consumers as most patient are weak physically, psychologically and emotionally at emergency situations, a patient should receive urgent, immediate and sufficient intervention on emergency cases no matter the allegation.

Save the consumer also assure the audience that they will monitor the implementation and adherence to the Patients bill of right by the caregivers.

Aliyu ilias admonish patient to also carry out their responsibility effectively, he further canvassed for proper education of the bill to the caregivers and make sure the quacks are fished out of their nefarious attitude of attending to a patient when they are not licensed to carry out health-related services.

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