Aliyu ilias,urges organisation to meet up with the trends in customer service

ustomer service awards limited urge organisation to meet up with the trends in customer service, a customer experience management expert, Aliyu Ilias, who gave this charge at a breakfast meeting with customer service heads organized by the NCSA in Abuja, noted that within the period of eight to nine years, prices won’t continually determine a customer’s vulnerability, but rather a customer’s experience.

Speaking on the theme: “Trends in Customer Service,” Ilias emphasized that aside the development of an avenue for a customer experience in an organization, proper good and services delivery also brings about enormous profit in a short run.

Advertisement, location, payment method, price and most importantly customer experiences are the major reasons a customer will repeat or purchase a good at the same company in Nigeria. Every organization should strive to become the trend leader, by making inquiries, giving a listening ear to them, and majorly by designing an experience for them.

Today, 88% of all businesses believe that they deliver excellent customer experience, but unfortunately going by our conducted research, only 8% of their customers believe the same thing. Amid all these rapid changes, the fundamental of great service remain the feeling of making a customer being recognized, he said.

Giving recommendations on how organization can create experience for their customers, Ilias disclosed that spending on mobile ads, serving on social media, getting on YouTube, taking control of crowd sourced reviews, recommendations and creating of self-help platforms can help promote and boost a customer’s confidence.

Other recommendations he gave include: Trump sense over price, making sense of big data usage, visual reality, joining the smartphone fuelled rush of delivery innovations, instant chat and getting use to millennial customers among others.

In his presentation, the Managing Director, BetterWays International, Victor Oshadare, explained that customer experience is the planning and execution of strategy to develop, attract, retain and delight customers continuously and sustainably.

Reiterating the need for a customer experience, Oshadare noted that critical issues in customer services is the ability and capacity of an organization to identify the needs and potential needs of its customers and meeting those needs.

The ownership and leadership of an organization might change but if there is a customer services culture (survival, stability, sustainability, structures, and system), a customer experience will give a fortune of all time. A good structure promotes experience, every organization should be ready of disruptive innovations, and take advantages of every opportunity of promoting faster Oshadare said.

Nigeria’s Customer Services Awards 2017 Management Conference would be coming up on October 5th 2017 (Customer Service Week) in Abuja. The Conference will give an in-depth look into the main drivers and challenges faced by brands and retailers when it comes to customer experience.

According to Aliyu Ilias, the coordinator of the conference would be featuring on how companies and organizations can respond to voice of customers effectively, big data in customer service and alternative channels, experience management strategy, understanding customer behaviour and interactive discussions.

He further noted that the case study of the event includes the transforming from customer service management to customer experience management and the designing and implementing of an effective customer experience strategy.

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