Beating Coronavirus: Lagos State Government’s prompt Care for 200,000 Households

Lagos is the commercial and economic  center of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. With a rising middle class,  the need for proper health safety measures to purposefully keep the active population and residents of Lagos State economically engaged cannot be overemphasized at this time.

The Lagos State Government had few days ago issued a stay-at-home directive to its residents, in order to curtail the spread of the novel coronavirus, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has unveiled a worthwhile economic stimulus package for the indigent and the most vulnerable in the society.

Truth remains that a healthy Lagos State is a prosperous State. In furtherance of its residents support services, the Lagos State government has outlined various intervention packages. The Lagos State government has shown with this latest intervention that it’s people are it’s greatest asset.

Impressively, the government of Lagos State has ensured proper awareness campaigns on preventive measures requisite for combating the dreaded Coronavirus.  The measures include:

  • The need for a lock down to curtail the spread of the novel coronavirus.
  • The need for proper hygiene as well as proper hand washing
  • The need for social distancing
  • The need for isolation after coming in contact with an infected individual
  • The need to contact the NCDC for serious cases

In line with the lock down imposed by the Lagos State government, a well thought stimulus, which comes in food packs, to be distributed to every local government in the State is aimed at cushioning the effect of the fourteen days stay-at-home directive. This package is directed to the elderly, physically challenged and petty traders most especially those incapable of meeting daily needs.

The Lagos State government stated that each household will comprise a minimum of six inhabitants. Means the government is aiming at reaching the needs of over one million residents in Lagos State.

In order to ensure effective distribution of this package, it is advisable that the Lagos State government RE verifies previously assembled data. It is possible that some residents from the previously collected data may have economically advanced and may not need the handout,  may have passed on or may have changed addresses.

Also proper measures should be put in place to ensure proper documentation of those who have received the intervention package. They should as a matter of necessity attach a photocopy of either a Drivers license,  International passport,  National identity card, or the PVC  to the residents service form.

This measure will aid in reducing incidents of package diversion. The returned residents service form,  should match the previously captured data.  Further more,  the ad-hoc staff to be engaged for this exercise should also be adequately empowered to educate residents about the best safety measures to adopt in beating the Coronavirus.

The ad-hoc staff should also reach out via SMS to the residents for any feedback regarding the effectiveness of the exercise. The feedback will aid in proper plan for future engagements.

Written By: Emeka Amoji Okoro

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