Today’s challenge is a lesson for tomorrow, all that happens in the year 2020 has birthed the strategy and changes that every organization needs to apply for the year 2021.
The disruption of the year 2020 has made every professional in the field of supply chain to be in the know, we all want real-time updates about supply chain, procurement, and logistics. we want to know what is happening to the planet and prepare for any possible force-majeure that can disrupt the supply chain process.

1. Take A Close Look At Your Sourcing Strategy.

Nigeria began her challenge from the closure of the border to the West African countries and the reality of Covid-19 added to it. This eventuality has made a lot of companies to revisit the sourcing strategy. The lesson therein is that we must look at the sourcing strategy to build resiliency.
Companies need to consider a balanced decoupling strategy, by looking at sourcing closer to home but recognized they can still benefit from global sourcing for commoditized products. All professionals must find a balance between globalization and localization to know what balance gives you the best resiliency as we hope to move out of the global challenges deepens.

2. Working With Experts 3pls, A Sure Way To Go In The Year 2021

Third-party logistics (3PL) represents a common practice for supply chain management teams across many industries today. Companies need to work with frontline people that understand logistics and its processes. By using third-party logistics and outsourcing for logistics and shipping functions, companies of all sizes can focus on the critical aspects of their business. Utilizing a 3PL enables companies to build on their strengths and offer the best services possible to their customers.
For the 2021 supply chain trends, managers need to mirror the functions valued among 3PLs, including continuous advancement, implementation of new technologies for logistics, and a strong focus on shipping efficiency and parcel management.
3pl or outsourcing will potentially eliminate the need to invest in warehouse space, technology, transportation, and employees to carry out logistics processes, allowing for more focus on your core competencies
3PL providers can also save you from costly mistakes, and allow your business to build a global logistical network with lower risk and higher return. Additionally, 3PLs save you the time needed to carry out some inbound and outbound logistics.
As a professional we must all know that when supply chains are weak, the flow of goods and services will be interrupted, costs go up and customer satisfaction levels drop. If care is not taken the operations may result in a negative impact on the organization and it may look as if we are not doing our job properly.

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