Costumey in the face of professional appearance


Making a good impression is vital in business but making a cosmetic impression would certainly kill business, I went to a financial organisation for a transaction the customer service representative  lady that attended to me happen to be much more conscious of herself compare to the job, her look was so cosmetic, she has a big pendant and big earings on her, it is good to look good, but creating an unnecessary attention for the customers, perhaps creating a competitive appearance for all other colleagues whereby all and sundry want to look extra good and be better. The worst is that she changed from the slipper she was wearing to a shoe when she wanted to confirm if the person I wanted to see is available, I discovered that at every visit of a customer she is changing to her shoe at the present of the customers.

Funky look sometime only represents a careless or carefree attitude, this makes employee unworthy for the job. It is expected of the employees that they should stay simple and most vitally dignified, which automatically expresses calmness, enthusiasm and smartness in handling the job

The most important quality of a good customer service representative is to have a sound product knowledge and dress the job. Imagine you are to meet a banker in his office and he dresses up with pyjamas and a bold, Gucci eyeglass, please what would readily come to your mind?

Some years back when I was working for a logistics organisation, every employee would be tested for product knowledge every quarter. This is simply because the price of the product can change anytime and it needs to reflect immediately by the sales department,  each staff would be picked at any time of the day and be required to sit for the product knowledge test. There would be no prior warning and employees would be chosen randomly. The tests would be changed constantly and so in a year you would write four different tests. This kept every employee well updated on company products, knowledge and price. The organisation also made an effort to ensure that employees are well updated on products and services new and old. This information will be readily available through the company intranet and other company forums.

There are certain customer service skills that every employee must master if they are forward-facing with customers.Without them, you run the risk of finding your business in an embarrassing customer service train-wreck, or you would simply lose customers as your service continues to let people down

It appears that to dress up for a workplace is still a struggle for several people. How you dress up for a work demonstrates how seriously you take the work and that is how others will distinguish and perceive them, the basic principle is for all of us to dress for our job, a mechanic, a banker, a consultant among others should always dress for our job but not unnecessary trying to impress people


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