Customer Expectations in Nigeria

The quest to meet customer expectation is surely the priority of every organization, meeting customer expectation simply mean more profit for every organization, in Nigeria today the word fast as assuming a meaning beyond the conventional fast, it simply means instant availability at the pressing of a button, in my customer service training Abuja, we find out that social media has changed the definition of fast in service delivery,  social channels are now second only to search engines and it is the point of vent and reviews. Customers in Nigeria now expect immediate service and product availability.

The regular fair price has been superseded by a feel of value, good service is subject to what competition can offer, the customer will surf the internet to window shop before they buy, with mystery shopping, every company also ensure they benchmark. Nigeria mystery shoppers Abuja in its findings discovers that Nigerians look at several factors and decide to transact with companies that meet their expectations

To meet customer expectation in Nigeria, there is a need to consider ambience if it is a superstore or company, business engagement needs to be in an office or a space, the space is expected to create a good atmosphere with good aromatherapy that meet up the standard. This is why Nigerians turn most organized supermarket with a good ambience into a tourist centre, customer wants a good experience beyond what they are buying, the customer will surely forget what they purchase but always remember the experience

To meet customer expectations as we mostly teach in customer service training in Abuja or Lagos, the turnaround time for every transaction needs to consider the customers time, customer must have allotted the time he or she wants to use in every transaction, if queue or process becomes an issue it will definitely discourage Nigeria customers and fall short of the customer expectation.

Business engagement process is becoming a yardstick to measure service delivery, in most of the research of the Nigeria mystery shoppers provider Nigeria, the business process takes the lead in what customers want to consider, if your website takes time to open and your service or product purchase transaction involves more than two touch point, it is turning to a pain point for customers.

Most companies are experiencing customer churning because of the transaction process of their organization, automation and self-service need to be considered, Nigeria now prefers to complain through social media compare to complaining in the physical office, simply because companies appear to attend to online complaints because of reviews and reputation damage.

Attitude is becoming a factor in Nigeria as a customer now compare service delivery beyond a sector, Customers may compare the service they received from telecom to what is expected from the financial sector, it is clear that we expect more service from a customer’s face to face business, customers also expect excellent service delivery from companies they engaged over the telephone or online platforms.

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