I entered into the compound of my friend Abdul without the usual obstruction mostly caused by falling cables at the entrance of the compound. The silence in the compound further testified to the existence of a new normal within the compound.

Abdul said to me, “I have to leave this house”. His statement reminded me of his anecdote of how beautiful the area he resides has been classified as a small London. I kept on wondering what was responsible for his sudden desire to change the residential address.  I reminded him to always think it through thoroughly when making crucial decisions as important as determining where to live. His countenance showed he was sincerely dissatisfied with an issue yet to be disclosed.

“It appears nothing will ever work correctly in this country”, Abdul Interjected. “Abdul my good friend, you speak in parables a lot”.” What is the challenge at hand that has angered you this much?” This was my question to my dear friend.

“My Landlord has just giving all the tenants within her facility up until the end of the month to produce alleged missing metres allotted to each flat. ” Not only that, but we are also to vacate her house”, Stated Abdul.  “My good friend, the metre servicing my apartment was installed in my neighbours flat. To my greatest dismay, my neighbour informed me yesterday morning that the metre had gotten missing from the compound”.

Abdul further stated, “We rushed out immediately to the police station to lay a logical complaint regarding the stolen metre.  The police officers on duty instructed us to get a court affidavit before the complaint can be tendered appropriately”.

In my response, I said to Abdul,  ” but we were told that no one can use another person’s metre. Perhaps if someone stole a metre it will be easier for the person to be caught especially when they are Purchasing a pre-paid token for the metre.

This incident reminds me of a serial thief who stole a phone and kept using the phone and the sim because the phone won’t accept another sim. The good news was that the thief was later apprehended with the help of a police officer.

It is pretty obvious their metre has been stolen and this ugly menace has continued unabated in different households across the nation.  Question is, how well do you keep your metre? Don’t trust the authority in charge to recover your stolen metres.  Secure your metres,   the price has risen beyond the previous market price.

My question to Discos is who is using these stolen metres now?

Guard your metre!


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