Employing Intuition In Service Delivery

When customers go to a shopping mall, they do so for many reasons. Whatever reasons they have, they are desirous of having good experience.

I have seen shoppers come into the shopping mall to take photographs. Some come into window shop, while others are there to buy their favourite products.

As a business owner, your major target should be the provision of a superlative experience for everyone who comes in contact with your brand. This is where intuition plays a major role in defining strategy.

Every day, a shopping mall receives prospective customers. Some of these prospective customers may not make a buying decision, but they will definitely want to enjoy their time at the mall. The experiences that these prospective and loyal customers receive in the hands of service personnel determine if they will return to the shopping mall or not.

As an incentive for shoppers, shopping mall managers can set up a ‘super shoppers experience programme’ that rewards customers whether they buy or do not buy products. Whatever strategy a shopping mall decides to follow, it must be convenient and consistent.

Also, giving prospective shoppers a shopper’s guide or catalogue is one way of welcoming them. There is no need littering the streets with product catalogues when a shopping mall manager is not maximizing the opportunity presented by the shoppers.

A shopping mall manager can choose to randomly reward customers who purchase products with either special gifts or a ‘thank you’ card. A candy can be added.

There are shopping malls in different parts of the globe that have customer experience programmes for senior citizens. A shopping mall manager can decide to offer 5% discount on every item purchased by elderly people. Imagine what this kind of concept does to the shopping mall. When your shopping mall takes care of the elderly by giving them a discount, you are putting more money in their pockets.

Waiters in a shopping mall should be trained to assist physically challenged or elderly people in making them have a memorable shopping experience. Service is simply about sharing happiness. There are so many things that can be done in a shopping mall. The shopping mall manager only needs to apply intuition at all times.

The cashiers in a shopping mall should be trained to manage queues in front of them. Using kind words from time to time will make customers feel celebrated. After payment, cashiers should appreciate customers for making their purchase in the mall rather than elsewhere. Most cashiers always keep a long face, and this is not good for the experience.

Having shopping mall security operatives harass customers for money destroys the shopping experience. I find it difficult going to a shopping mall were a security operative is constantly begging for money. It is embarrassing and prevents a lot of customers from going back there for business. Shopping mall managers should make sure that staff welfare is thoroughly looked into and constantly reviewed.

The shopping mall is an experience centre where customers come to enjoy their hard earned money, see new exciting offers, have fun and interact. As a shopping mall owner, you need to make these experiences worthwhile by innovating on existing services. Ensure that all your shopping mall staff members are constantly kept motivated. When you constantly motivate your staff members, they become empowered. And when they are empowered, customers are empowered and made happy. When customers are made happy, you can be rest assured that they will visit again.

Look forward to each day as you review your shopping malls experience continuum.

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