Expert Launches Customer Experience Management Bundle. CEMBundle 1.0

Over the years, customer experience management service has become a secret to profit-making in businesses as well as a tool for business sustainability. However, following several complaints consumers and further research through mystery shopping of organisations/companies and providers of goods and services, customer experience management experts conveyed by Dr Aliyu Ilias, came together to present the required system and activities to put in place in order to achieve excellent customer experience delivery called The Customer Experience Management Bundle CEM Bundle 1.0.

In the bundle, several experts focused on different thematic areas of delivering excellent customer experience. It features experts like Dr Aliyu Ilias who talked about customer intuition and social listening, Chiamaka Ugo-Obidike who analysed how companies can map the customer journey effectively.

Among other customer experience, experts who gave out outstanding secrets of delivering a better customer experience service are Nnenna Ijeoma Okeke, Dr Victor Oshadare, Kelechi Okeke, Geraldine Umeche and Samuel Owoseni.

According to Dr Aliyu Ilias, the CEM Bundle 1.0 is the best ever compilation of customer experience by customer service experts and practitioners in Nigeria and Africa at large.

For organisations that want to stay functional and operational whilst making profits and for those intending to start a company, the CEM Bundle 1.0 is a must-have. The CEM Bundle 1.0 is available online and in hardcopy.

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