In 30 days Nipost EMS has not delivered a parcel from Abuja to Benin,The failure of Dr. Ismail Adebayo Adewusi, Nipost Post Master General

It is saddened that anything government enterprise is always worse in Nigeria, a parcel sent via Nipost from Garki Nipost to Nipost in Akpakpava Benin in Edo state has not got to the destination for 30 days.  This parcel was sent through Nipost best service option according to them. It is called Expedited Mail Service (EMS), sadly it is the worse service option ever

The management of Nipost did not understand the urgency in service delivery let alone the manager, the supervisor and we can’t expect the field worker to do better.

A parcel was sent on the 8th of December, according to Dogara, a Nipost customer service staff said the receiver rejected the parcel, there and then we called the receiver and he said no one approach his office let alone sees him or any security or staff of his organisation, more so he has been expecting the parcel and inform all the staff to be at alert to receive it. we demanded a refund and they insisted they don’t refund but could resend the item to Benin city, we oblige and they resend it according to the Garki Nipost staff, the receiver did not receive it, upon going back for the inquiry they did not know the status of the mail and it cannot be found, some of their staff said Garki sent it to Akure station on December 25th, Akure station did not send the parcel to Benin or Benin did not go to Akure to claim it. Most of the staff lamented the lackadaisical attitude of Akure and Benin station head

This insensitivity to service delivery could be traced to management and their understanding of service delivery or the operation of a courier service, at the premises of Nipost Garki there was a lot of complaint both on international and local mails.

A typical private company can never undermine the risk of not delivering an item as agreed with the customer. The postmaster general needs to be sack as a matter of urgency just like his predecessor.

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