You must have been a victim of time abusers perhaps you are the type that takes time for granted. At the last customer experience management conference that held in Lagos, I was open to a new chapter of time management by Oladele Dosunmu a renowned trainer who has stayed in the United kingdom for a long time. When he saw people attitude in honouring invitation and attending a programmes at the appropriate time. He said in his words, in the clime I am conversant with people do not joke with time because it simply shows how serious you are, ilias we have to start the program at the scheduled time if at all it is only one person, I told him certainly we would, that is what I preach every day. When it is about two minute to the scheduled time I notice his countenance that he is not agreeing with the way the compere is trying to appeal for more time before she starts the conference.

The local parlance of African time got me thinking anytime I heard it. are we using a clock that is different from the global 24 hours?

I wish we would understand that being punctual with your work or meeting will not only increase your effectiveness but will also help you earn a good reputation at work. At the event one of the speakers requested to be at the venue a day before to prepare and get himself familiar with the venue, I was thinking because he has been at the venue a day before he may probably come late for the conference, to my surprise he was the first person to be at the venue and his presentation is scheduled to be the third presentation, but he came out the best among others, I could only attribute the success to his time management, preparation and punctuality.

Interestingly when employers, managers and seniors colleagues know that you always complete your tasks on time, it could lead the way for more promotional opportunities at work.

I called a particular office a day before to schedule my appointment and I was given 9am prompt when I got there two minutes before 9am. I saw the cleaner coming in for the cleaning of the office and the receptionist arrived at 9:15am, eventually the office resume at 9:30am. I engaged the receptionist that I was thinking the office would be ready for the customer by 9am not that office open at 9am and the work resume by 9:30am. The lesson here is that when we say we resume by 9am, the office should be ready for the customers, so the cleaning and opening preparation of company activities must have been done before 9am

Time management is not rocket science. Frankly, anyone can learn this art with a little practice and learning. Planning plays an important role in time management as both go hand-in-hand with each other. You can make the most of your time only when it is thoroughly planned. When we talk about planning, you don’t necessarily have to follow a strict routine. Instead, it means making smarter decisions of knowing the right time to do a task or an activity. The idea behind time management is to work smarter than harder and make time to do other things as well. Best-seller author Brian Tracy once said, “Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution; this gives you a 1,000 per cent Return on Energy.”

Multitasking is one of the biggest time-wasting activities in Africa. Instead of accomplishing too many things and you end up achieving nothing out of them. Prioritizing your daily tasks is the key to successful time management. Many of   us start their day with unimportant tasks or something that can be easily done later

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