Recession enhanced customer service in Nigeria

Aliyu Ilias

Mr Aliyu Ilias, the Chief Executive Director, Customer Service Award Ltd (CSAL), says one of the gains of recession is improved service delivery from both public and private sector.

Ilias said this at the 2017 Customer Experience Management Conference in Abuja.

He said that the recession had caused improved customers service delivery as a result of competitions from service providers both public and private sector.

He said that the recession had made money to be scare and people had to prioritize their needs hence the competition by service providers to woo

When some people have little money because of recession they tend to maximise their spending.

This recession has made a lot of companies to adjust and attend to customers needs so they are now looking at service delivery from customers perspective, he said.

Ilias said that business could now thrive on the basis of customer experience, stressing that the gap between customer experience and price was becoming much closer.

According to him, over time customers satisfaction will surpass the price tag and they will purchase goods because of the satisfaction they derive.

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