Adabara my boy of two years and some month rejected taken the mayonnaise that is his favourite as complementary to bread, his other siblings also abandoned it as well, one of them clearly state that the aroma is quite unusual and they convince me further that their five senses that are related to taste and perceive are active.

Their mum insists that is what is available for them to take the bread, am sure you can remember a mother’s usual parlance when a child is trying to reject food
The worse happened when two of them started tossing the mayonnaise and it was rolling on the floor, one of them mentioned, daddy and mummy will beat you today you have torn the label of the mayonnaise and the voice of their mum echoed from the kitchen, return it to the kitchen now, immediate mummy saw it, she told them to bring the mayonnaise.
I had her calling me in my usual pet name, I had to rush to see what is happening in the kitchen, she said do you see another label under this mayonnaise I looked at it closely and truly the main product is beneath the upper label of the expected brand.
It was crystal clear that the children truly noticed the difference between the main product they consume every time compared to the packaged product that the main brand cover was used to cover it.
My wife went to where she bought the mayonnaise and the seller confirmed she bought it from suleja market and it is a normal thing, they use to rap the label of most patronised and accepted product on the one consumer distaste or do not buy in the market.
The consumer has been cowed to believe the brand
The consumer has been cowed to consume the wrong product
The consumer has been deceived by covering a particular mayonnaise
The consumer has been buying this mayonnaise at the price of the accepted brand.
You need to always double-check FMCG product you buy often to be sure it is the original.
Do you have such a horrible experience before?
Do you want to know the two brand?

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